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May 11-13, 2016  •  New York City

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The Gel Conference is a three-day summit of experience leaders and designers from around the world. Gel connects attendees to the visionaries who are creating good experiences.

“Gel is my favorite conference to be inspired. You should go if you're not.”

— Jeff Patton, author, User Story Mapping

Gel 2016 Speakers

Our theme for 2016 is journey - what are the user journeys, customer journeys, human journeys that all experience designers and managers should know about? Gel will feature leaders and innovators who create good experiences in a wide range of fields.

Sneak preview of Gel 2016 speakers:

(More to come: Stay tuned — via Twitter or the Creative Good newsletter — for more speaker announcements.)

Dava Newman

Dava Newman

Deputy Administrator, NASA

Helping lead the human journey to Mars.

Margarette Purvis

Margarette Purvis

Founder and CEO, Food Bank for New York City

Understanding community needs and leading a team that serves one out of five New Yorkers.

Manoush Zomorodi

Manoush Zomorodi

Host, WNYC's Note To Self podcast

Inviting info-overloaded people to transform their relationship with tech.

Sheila Marcelo

Sheila Marcelo

Founder, Chairwoman, and CEO,

Improving the experience for families and caregivers, globally.

Eric Rodenbeck

Eric Rodenbeck

Founder and CEO, Stamen

Creating an atlas to guide explorers through human emotion.

Emily Fischer

Emily Fischer

Founder, Haptic Lab

Displaying haptic quilts with embedded maps that "encourage embodiment."

Mark Hurst

Mark Hurst

Founder and CEO, Creative Good

Curating and hosting his 14th Gel event.

Below are some images from this past year's Gel 2015 conference.


Nancy Lublin, Gel 2015


Omar Ishaq, Gel 2015


TimesCenter Venue, Gel 2015

Friday Deep-Dive Experiences

The Gel 2016 experience finishes with in-depth workshops and interactive exercises on specific topics.

Take a look at our agenda for 2016, and stay tuned — via Twitter or the Creative Good newsletter — for updates.

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