Customer Experience Workshop


Teams everywhere – from startups to enterprises – have identified the customer experience as a key element of their success. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of customer experience management, with a focus on the particular issues and challenges faced by the team.

Since 1997, Creative Good has pioneered the discipline of customer experience in digital business, working with hundreds of companies across a variety of industries. Our workshops inspire teams to include customer insights in the development of products and services.

Over the course of this full-day customer experience workshop, we will cover how to conduct research and listen to customers, collect insights, distill the insights into thematic findings, then convert those findings into actionable next steps and discuss how to effectively socialize the findings throughout the organization.

Workshop Breakdown

The workshop is divided into four sessions - two in the morning, two in the afternoon - as described below:

Part 1: Inspire

  • Introduction to customer experience and how to manage it
  • Relevant case studies of other products and teams
  • Exercise: Customer observation
  • Discussion: Structuring the team, working within an Agile/Lean environment

Part 2: Practice

  • Introduction to research methods
  • Exercise: Discovering unmet needs
  • Relating customer insight to strategy
  • Discussion: relating customer insights to roadmap

Part 3: Deep-dive

  • Discussion: Particular challenges faced by the team
  • Synthesizing customer needs with team goals
  • Incremental improvement vs. blue-sky innovation
  • Exercise: Hypotheses for validation

Part 4: Review and Commit

  • Review of topics
  • Discussion: communicating with leadership
  • Resources for further exploration
  • Exercise: Commitments and accountability for next steps

Who is This Workshop for?

  • Product teams within midsize to enterprise companies that want to improve the experience of their existing products and services
  • Internal design and UX teams seeking to gain more traction for their processes and findings with the rest of the company
  • Companies with new and growing UX teams that would benefit from extra instruction on customer experience research and design
  • Executives (and their teams) just beginning to explore design thinking, user-centered design, or customer experience management
  • Startup teams seeking to learn, or refine, their skills in sourcing customer insight and turning those into actionable next steps for the product


Teams everywhere – from startups to enterprises – have identified the customer experience as a key element of their success.

"We hired Creative Good to run a workshop for us to help build support for our growing user-centered design practice. The impact from this workshop on our culture was significant. Stakeholders that usually resisted user research and design thinking started to embrace and advocate for these valuable practices."

— Director of Enterprise User Experience

"The Creative Good workshop helped reinforce our company's philosophy around having a user-centric development process. At the time, we had several team members who were new to product management and UX, so the vivid, engaging nature of the workshop was particularly powerful and useful for our team. We definitely recommend the workshop for anyone looking to run a more customer-centric development process."

— VP of Product