Research Project

Through The Research service, we work with your team to solve a specific challenge, or arrive at findings, that will elevate both the pain points and opportunities; realigning the user's experience interaction and business strategy. This one month project helps your company quickly get back on track to meet deadlines, ensuring positive disruption.

Research Service
  • Testing specific product ideas
  • Testing simple prototypes
  • Adapting for the mobile environment
  • Usability issues that require the full customer context to be understood and fixed
  • An audit of the current state of a digital experience to identify problems that will inform future design decisions
  • That burning question that you know needs to be answered, but your team just doesn't quite have the time for it

Phase 1: Research Design

Establish Research Hypotheses

Creative Good will collaborate with the client team to collect and develop hypotheses to be proved or disproved during the research.

Write Screener Document

Taking the specific challenge of the project and the hypotheses, we create a screener document to recruit the type of customers who will establish confidence in the research findings.

Phase 2: Customer Insights

Listening Labs

Creative Good uses Listening Labs, an open-ended, qualitative, one-on-one interaction, to obtain user insights. It blends the benefits of Focus Groups, Ethnographic research and other traditional usability methods seamlessly aligning internal stakeholders around strategic and tactical user insights.

View Listening Labs for more information.

Ethnographic Research

We use various Ethnographic research methods to uncover user insights in settings outside of a research facility, including in-office or in-home visits, intercepts, mystery shopping, shop-alongs and more. Using this method we are able to understand the context around the behaviors and actions as the user responds to our prompts.

Customer Journeys

Based on the collected customer insights, we craft user journeys and user flows to clearly articulate all of the customer's touchpoints and interactions with the product or service. These touchpoints serve as opportunities to improve the user experience and enable us to remove the pain points that might discourage a user from developing a relationship with the product or service.

Phase 3: Findings

Research Findings

Distill research observations into actionable findings that prove or disprove the hypotheses collected or developed in phase 1. Findings are reviewed with key stakeholders before presentation to the wider team to ensure they address the specific challenge of the project in a way the organization can absorb.


  • Identify the unmet need or unaddressed need of the user
  • Motivate and align the team through the Creative Good research methodology
  • Rapid feedback on user experience for existing or new products and services
  • Clear findings that address hypotheses uncovered or developed

Case Studies

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Case Study
Case Study
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