Gel 2015

April 23-24, 2015 in New York City.

Our theme for Gel 2015 was "impact": we explored people, projects, and teams that go beyond the intent or idea of creating a good experience - they actually do it. What are the aspects of good experience that make for real-world success?

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Andy BaioWriter, entrepreneur, host of XOXO FestivalAn acute observer (and creator) of technology with a unique perspective on digital experience.andybaio
Michael Hearstcomposer, musician, and authorWriting music to cure the fear of flying, spotlight unusual creatures, and improve the ice cream truck.michaelhearst
Omar IshaqRadiation Oncologist, NYUBringing the patient experience into better focus.omarishaq
Jordyn LextonFounder, Drive ChangeBuilding and running food trucks with formerly incarcerated youth.jordynlexton
Nancy LublinCEO, Crisis Text LineLeading and growing a vital program that counsels teens through crisis - via text message.nancylublin
Leland Maschmeyer and Brett RenferFounder and Director of Experience Design, CollinsReinventing how brands are built in an experience-driven era.lee-and-brett
Paul MurphyCEO, DotsLeading the team that created one of the most successful iPhone games in history.paulmurphy
Jason Saenzwriter and comedianAdding surprise and delight to the urban landscape.jasonsaenz
David Segal"The Haggler" columnist, New York TimesExploring how companies treat customers well, or not - and what to do about it.davidsegal
Lou ShapiroCEO, Hospital for Special SurgeryLeading one of the top-rated hospitals in the world - and creating a world-class patient experience.loushapiro
Nikki SyliantengFounder, To Park Or Not To ParkSharing her vastly improved design of parking signs with cities worldwide.nikkisylianteng
Jonathan WegenerCEO, TimehopCreator of a wildly successful mobile app and community.jonathanwegener

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