Customer Experience Strategy


The customer experience is often comprised of multiple touchpoints, delivered via multiple channels, and managed with multiple systems. It can be complicated to identify how to build, or improve, the customer experience in such an environment. Sometimes these cross-channel touchpoints - whether they are digital, physical, or in other forms - do not address what the customer actually needs. How does a company manage this complexity while including the customer?

At Creative Good, we simplify the complexity by focusing in on the imperative interactions that build valuable, repeatable experiences. We spend time with customers to understand their unmet needs. We then translate these unmet needs into actionable, strategic recommendations that the company can then leverage to elevate its position in the market.

Creative Good works with clients to uncover the business challenges, determine the unmet user needs, and deliver customer insights that build upon the client's business goals. We work collaboratively with stakeholders, building consensus and executive buy-in as we go. Ultimately, we distill all the research and analysis into a customer experience strategy that the client is enthusiastic to implement. Our process includes five phases: business insights, customer insights, experience strategy development, design, and sustainability.

Phase 1: Business insights

Stakeholder Interviews

Creative Good converses with employees across all levels of the organization, executives, vendors, investors and more, who can provide the observations, goals, projections, and trends that position the company. This ethnographic approach reflects what the company is doing back to itself.

Business Discovery

Creative Good will review the business, brand, marketing strategy, market research, previous usability studies, customer segmentation, competitive positioning and more. Our synthesis will inform the boundaries and opportunities to explore during the insights phase of the project.

Quantitative Review

Quantitative analysis complements our in-context qualitative business insights to provide a fresh perspective for building hypotheses that we use in the next phase.

Research Design

Synthesizing the information collected in the stakeholder interviews, business discovery and quantitative review, Creative Good works with our client to establish hypotheses that will be proved or disproved through user insights generated by the customer segments observed. We use this time to define and align on the "right" user segment that we will work with to help provide the best experience strategy. We also create a screener document to recruit the type of customers who will establish confidence in the research findings.

Phase 2: Customer Insights

Listening labs

Creative Good uses Listening Labs, an open-ended, qualitative, one-on-one interaction, to obtain user insights. It blends the benefits of Focus Groups, Ethnographic research and other traditional usability methods seamlessly aligning internal stakeholders around strategic and tactical user insights.

View Listening Labs for more information.

Ethnographic Research

We use various Ethnographic research methods to uncover user insights in settings outside of a research facility, including in-office or in-home visits, intercepts, mystery shopping and shop-alongs. Using this method we are able to understand the context around the behaviors and actions as the user responds to our prompts.

Customer Journeys

Based on all of the project phases completed up to this point, we craft user journeys and user flows to reveal additional insights from all of the customer's touchpoints and interactions with the product (or service). These touchpoints serve as opportunities to improve the user experience and enable us to remove the pain points that might discourage a user from developing a relationship with the product or service and brand.

Phase 3: Strategy

Experience Strategy

Distilling the insights and analyses from phases 1 & 2, the Creative Good team generates specific, actionable recommendations that will solve the current business challenges, improve the customer experience and rally the organization around shared goals. These recommendations are prioritized to meet the business needs overtime and current capabilities.

Strategic Recommendations

We create an overarching experience strategy that unites interactions across products, services, digital platforms, communications, brands and more. Both internal and external stakeholders needs and capabilities are considered in the curation of touch points and we ensure that the crafted experience elevates the company from its competitors.

Business design & Strategy Workshop

We help companies reimagine their business processes based on the key insights of the business and user. During a Strategy Workshop, we work with the client to refine the strategic recommendations, ensuring that the core user and business insights align with the core strategy from the organization's perspective.

Organizational Strategy

We help companies reasses their organizational structure. We use our insights to determine what changes need to be made internally to strengthen the efficiency, productivity, employee retainment or experience within the company. Organizational strategy helps businesses change their structures or introduce innovation techniques.

Phase 4: Design


In the digital landscape, we wireframe the experience so that it can be tested with users and highlight the changes that an internal team can build out. This is a comprehensive visualization of the recommendations & experience strategy created in phase 3.

Experience Roadmapping

We develop the roadmap that will lead to a strengthened user experience and brand loyalty. After understanding the business context and customer insights, we help to develop "step, stretch and leap" solutions that will ensure the integration of the strategy over time.

Design Prototyping

With the understanding that the user's input is essential for the success of a product, we include them in the prototyping process during hands-on, interactive sessions that highlight the pain points and elevate the delight.

Experience and Service Design

With an Experience Strategy in place, we break down the strategy into the interactive components, brainstorm how each interaction would be experienced and build out the design.

Listening Labs Validation

After wireframes and prototypes are delivered, some clients opt to conduct a second round of listening labs to measure the effectiveness of the prototype compared to the original site. This helps discover incremental improvements the organization can make over the long-term.

Phase 5: Sustain

Roadmap Check-in

Once a roadmap is created, we work with the team to guide them through the process of implementation, and help resolve roadblocks.

Listening Labs Renewal

Over time, the customers' needs change--it’s inevitable. We work with clients over the long-term, conducting listening labs at periodic intervals to keep the organization aligned with the customer, and stay ahead of new developments in their competitive sphere.

Leadership/team Guidance

It is our goal to have customers included in the development of every experience--including multiple interactions with any product or service. We work with the leaders and/or team members in the organization to develop an internal process that incorporates the customers included methodology into any project.


  • Deep review and analysis of business context
  • Stakeholder participation and alignment across leadership
  • Identify the unmet need or unaddressed need of the user
  • Delivery of a strategic user experience and detailed recommendations that will result in positive business results
  • Tactical customer experience recommendations that fix issues with the current interaction design
  • Visualize the user experience strategy and customer journey
  • Clear action items and prioritization for implementing user experience strategy and design
  • Motivate and align team members through the Creative Good research methodology

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