Case Study

Innovating the customer experience in a social network

Creative Good worked with a social networking company to uncover insights into what creates a compelling, repeatable online experience.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to strengthen the relationship with users, thereby improving the rate of return visits and activity.

The Opportunity

There is an opportunity to help users connect with experiences across different life stages, thus highlighting human interactions that the social network makes possible.

Creative Good Process

Creative Good established a clear definition of the ideal user segment that would provide the most confidence in the research findings.

Coordinating with recruiting staff, we ran listening labs to observe users in person. The labs were attended by a client team of stakeholders from usability, direct marketing, business analytics, creative services, advertising, product management, software development and customer service.

Strategic Insights

  • In listening labs, nearly every respondent we observed "lit up" when they experienced the service. Overall it was a very promising user experience.
  • Labs revealed a key sharing activity that users wanted to engage in, but found it too difficult to complete.
  • Users also struggled with a particular navigation challenge which, combined with the other frustrations, caused some of them to abandon the service altogether.


Creative Good synthesized research from both business analysis and customer research to develop a customer experience roadmap — growing an discipline within the organization to improve business processes and address systemic challenges.

Creative Good Results

This project solidified goals for product managers, informed planning and resource allocation for the subsequent fiscal year, and rallied the company around a customer-inclusive approach to creating new products and services.

Industry: Social media

Services: Customer insights

Tools: Listening labs