Case Study

The omnichannel retail customer experience

Creative Good helped to determine the unmet needs of various customer types and uncover revenue opportunities for our client. We improved the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

The Challenge

Seeing an opportunity for growth in offline and online channels, the company wanted to discover customer needs and reaffirm its position as a customer-focused organization.

The Opportunity

Creative Good helped the company understand the experience of shoppers across multiple touchpoints in the purchasing journey - including the physical in-store experience, the website, and the packaging of the product itself.

Creative Good Process

Creative Good conducted stakeholder interviews, benchmarked metrics vs. competitor websites, and reviewed other business documents to build a context for the project.

Creative Good used multiple research methods to reveal customer insights. These included in-store shopping intercepts (observing, then asking, customers about their in-store experience) and facility-based listening labs to observe the online customer experience.

Strategic Insights

  • Customers didn't fully understand what differentiated the company from its competitors.
  • Inventory was not equally represented in various channels. This resulted in disconnects in the shopping process as customers switched between multiple channels.
  • While in-store interactions were positive across the board, there was no matching level of help or support in online channels.


Creative Good synthesized customer insights and the business context across several aspects: product type, shopping habits, store research, online research, bridal, mobile research, packaging and presentation.

Creative Good Recommendations

Creative Good recommended a customer experience strategy that clearly and consistently presented the strengths of the company across multiple channels.

Our strategy included actionable next steps for in-store merchandising, online navigation, and prioritized development of additional features within the ecommerce platform.


We created wireframes that are the visual representation of the online recommended strategy. Wireframes helped to visually demonstrate our strategic customer experience vision and align on the necessary steps to bring the strategy to life through an internal team.

Industry: Luxury Retail

Services: Business insights, customer insights, business strategy development, design

Tools: In-store ethnography, listening labs, stakeholder interviews, expert review