Case Study

Iterating a prototype-in-development for b2b dashboard

Working with a new global UX team on a prototype currently in development, Creative Good identified and solved customer experience issues in this b2b dashboard.

The Challenge

The client needed to incorporate newly acquired information and upgrade legacy features.

The Opportunity

Improving the customer experience would provide an experience superior to competitors, while lowering operating costs associated with maintaining legacy systems.

Creative Good Process

Creative Good conducted listening labs in market research facilities in the U.S. and Europe, as well as remotely with users in Russia and Asia.

In between each listening lab, Creative Good facilitated discussions with business leaders, project managers, and UX designers to guide the iterative development of the prototype.

Strategic Insights

  • Listening labs showed that users’ primary mental model was different from how the prototype had been designed originally.
  • Creative Good led multiple iterations of two key navigation components, which then showed a marked improvement in subsequent labs.
  • Certain keywords didn't make sense to users, resulting in missed content or going down the wrong path looking for content.


In close collaboration with the new UX team, Creative Good assessed the internal capabilities of the client organization and created an implementation strategy that accomplished the goals of executive leadership.

Creative Good Recommendations

Creative Good provided recommendations through an iterative process, allowing our client’s UX staff to continually improve the prototype for each round of research. Through this process, we identified improvements to navigation, page layout, and search.

Industry: b2b, Energy

Services: Business discovery, Customer insights, Business strategy

Tools: Expert review, Stakeholder interviews, Listening labs, Prototype iteration