Case Study

Improving the impact of a new brand strategy

Creative Good worked with a global apparel company to increase shopper conversion by observing how customers experienced a new branding campaign.

The Challenge

Client leadership asked Creative Good to evaluate possible brand-positioning programs, and recommend improvements both for the brand and the broader online presence, based on customer insights.

The Opportunity

The client was able to evaluate the clarity and effectiveness of the various brand-repositioning efforts by observing customer interactions during listening labs.

Creative Good Process

Creative Good ensured alignment across various stakeholders; reviewed the various campaigns; conducted listening labs; and analyzed post-launch usage data.

Creative Good ran listening labs to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the new brand campaign, and identify remaining pain points in the ecommerce path.

Strategic Insights

  • Customers struggled to see the connection points across the different experiences of the brand campaign.
  • Listening labs revealed that customers had a surprisingly high preference for social media channels vs. the client’s own website.
  • While on the client website, customers were tripped up by a particular navigation challenge that had been invisible to the client before Creative Good’s listening labs.

Creative Good Reccomendations

The recommendations identified how the client can more effectively include branded content in the online channel – both on its site and via social media. We also suggested specific improvements to the brand campaigns.

Industry: Retail, Athletic Apparel

Services: Customer insights

Tools: Listening labs