Case Study

Positioning a digital platform in the health and wellness space

Creative Good worked with a multi-vitamin manufacturer to shape the positioning of its digital portfolio.

The Challenge

The client needed to understand how consumers researched health and wellness topics online, and how that would affect the client’s online platform.

The Opportunity

Working with Creative Good allowed the client to uncover the digital "ecosystem" of its consumers, including the different devices, websites, and social media they use.

Creative Good Process

Together with the multi-vitamin manufacturer, Creative Good conducted a quick business assessment by speaking directly with business stakeholders and reviewing client provided documents. This assessment included generating a hypothesis that the customer research would build upon.

To test our hypothesis and collect insights from the customer perspective, Creative Good conducted listening labs in two suburban locations. We asked respondents to demonstrate how they research and select multivitamins.

Strategic Insights

  • Listening labs revealed the various stages that users go through when researching a health or wellness topic.
  • Users consistently gravitate to some types of websites, and avoid others, when searching for multivitamins.
  • During the research process, two specific features were found to be most helpful to users.


Creative Good delivered specific recommendations to the client that would improve the customer experience across multiple touchpoints online, thus increasing key metrics like inbound traffic and conversion rate.

Industry: Healthcare

Services: Customer insights

Tools: Listening labs