Case Study

Multi-year engagement with b2b solutions provider

Solving for the complex intersection of a challenging decision with a rapidly changing marketplace in an online environment.

The Challenge

Provide an elegant and intuitive online experience that empowers our client to maintain multi-million dollar relationships with its business clients.

The Opportunity

By observing users and understanding the business context, we were able to create a prioritized roadmap showing the client which changes to roll out throughout the year.

Creative Good Process

Working with client stakeholders, Creative Good has conducted expert reviews, interviewed executive stakeholders, and observed new feature demonstrations to asses the capabilities and priorities of the business. Throughout the several years of working with the client, Creative Good has conducted over 100 listening labs in cities across the country.

Strategic Insights

  • Year after year, users of all types - across age groups and geographies - have consistently prioritized the information they value most.
  • The right information is not easily accessible, as users have trouble finding the relevant online support tools.
  • There are several specific ways for the client to provide end users with crucial help in their usage process.


Creative Good provided recommendations for when to provide crucial support to users, how to present it, and what components need to be included.


Creative Good produced wireframes and click-models to bring life to our recommendations. These deliverables have been incorporated into subsequent user research to gain additional confidence in the findings and solidify organizational buy-in.

Creative Good Results

Creative Good conducts ongoing validation labs, to continue refining the experience and keep our client ahead of the constant changes in their regulated industry.

Industry: b2b

Services: Business discovery, customer insights, business strategy, design

Tools: Expert review, stakeholder interviews, listening labs, field research