Shure Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of professional microphones, earphones, and other audio electronics. Shure hired Creative Good to raise the business metrics of the Earphones section of shure.com, where Shure sells its high-end earphones direct to consumers.


  • 244% increase in conversion rate
  • 286% increase in overall sales
Duration: 4 weeks
Objective: Measurably improve the business by improving the online customer experience
Deliverables: Creative Good delivered the following to Shure during the project:

  • Expert e-commerce analysis of the online customer experience
  • Analysis of Web traffic logs and sales data
  • Detailed recommendations for improvement – including content, navigation, and copywriting

Project Details

Phase 1: Customer Experience Assessment

Steps included:

  • Expert review of Shure.com’s customer experience, including navigation, merchandising, category and product display, and checkout.
  • In-depth analysis of log files and sales data, correlating website traffic patterns with our expert review.

Phase 2: Recommendations

Creative Good gave Shure in-depth recommendations for improving the Earphones online store. There were two deliverables:

  • A PowerPoint file showing screenshots of the current site and our annotated recommendations for improving each page. Our recommendations improved navigation and content for every page in the buying process, from the earphones home page through checkout.
  • A Word file containing a re-write of all the copy on the pages. Recommendations here included the exact wording of how Shure should describe each individual product in the earphones line, and how to talk about them in product comparisons.


Shure implemented Creative Good’s recommendations using Shure’s internal development team. Once implementation was complete, the new Shure.com site launched, making all of Creative Good’s tactical recommendations. Shure then analyzed its site and sales data to generate the “before and after” metrics shown below.

Results immediately upon relaunch:

  • 244% increase in conversion rate
  • 286% increase in overall sales

“We are very happy with the impressive results from this project. Creative Good quickly and effectively delivered recommendations that led to significant, measurable improvements in our business.”

D. Tan, Shure client