Case Study

Improving Customer Brand Loyalty

Creative Good worked with a global technology company to improve customer satisfaction, delivering a strategy based on customer insights.

The Challenge

Concerned with a declining Net Promoter Score, the client asked Creative Good for a strategy to improve the customer experience — thereby reversing the NPS decline and improving revenue growth.

The Opportunity

As an industry leader in processing customer information, the client had an opportunity to significantly improve the end-to-end experience it creates for customers.

Creative Good Process

To understand the operational context, we spoke directly with over a dozen stakeholders — including the president, global customer service leaders, and sales and product teams. We then conducted a quantitative analysis of NPS data and, combined with an in-depth review of contextual documents, we developed a hypothesis to test with customers.

Creative Good Process

Unmet Needs of Customer

Using our Listening Lab methodology, we conducted open-ended interviews and observations to understand customers' end-to-end experience with the client's products. By doing so, we tested our hypothesis and identified opportunities for strategic development.

Strategic Insights

The client has the opportunity to move past the transactional relationship and understand — with more empathy — customers' unmet needs.

Specific client types are presented with different, often unpredictable challenges in the customer experience across the product set.

Service interactions and overall experience drives customer satisfaction and affects growth rate.

Strategy Development

Creative Good synthesized research from both business analysis and customer research to develop a customer experience roadmap — growing an discipline within the organization to improve business processes and address systemic challenges.

Creative Good Recommendations

We recommended a specific structure to empower employees to deliver a world-class customer experience linked to financial targets. Articulated a vision for a comprehensive Customer Experience Discipline program. Recommended different type of customer satisfaction survey.

Using the Creative Good strategy recommendations, the global technology company is currently improving its end-to-end customer experience.

"Creative Good conducted an extensive audit of our services and operational systems and delivered a fresh perspective through their recommendations. We are looking forward to getting started!"

— Client at global technology company