Case Study

Attracting millennials with an omni-channel retail experience

We helped our client identify how millennial customers wanted to shop in-store and online, and their preferences for each channel.

The Challenge

The client was losing market share in a competitive market, even as the opportunity grew to attract millennial shoppers.

The Opportunity

Creative Good determined that the client possessed unique strengths, both online and in-store, that could provide millennial customers with a good experience across channels and silos.

Creative Good Process

Stakeholder interviews with the executive team helped Creative Good assess the business context, and identify our client’s strengths.

We delivered an expert review, synthesizing collected hypotheses, and rallying the organization around shared goals.

Creative Good then conducted research in three environments: a market research facility, in-home (with both millennials and their parents), and online/in-store mystery shopping.

Strategic Insights

  • While using the mobile channel in quick bursts, customers wanted one specific feature that wasn’t then available.
  • Though the organization saw itself as a leader in a particular product category, customers didn’t.
  • Customers wanted a particular photo feature – providing an “a-ha” moment, when it became clear why customers wanted it.


Synthesizing all of the research, business goals and organization capabilities, Creative Good delivered a strategy to establish our client as an omni-channel leader in two product categories.

Creative Good Recommendations

Our recommendations addressed users needs and business goals across assortment, pricing, promotions, shipping/returns, loyalty programs, and merchandising.


Creative Good produced wireframes that completely redesigned the homepage, global navigation, header/footer, shopping cart, category page, product detail page, and sizing charts.

Validation listening labs

After collaborating with our client’s design agency, click-models were produced and tested in additional listening labs for further iterative improvement.


Soon after implementation, the client measured a rise in online sales.

Industry: Retail, eCommerce

Services: Business discovery, Customer insights, Business strategy, Design

Tools: Expert review, Stakeholder interviews, Listening labs, Field research, Mystery shopping, Listening labs validation