You might have heard that 800,000 people recently watched live video of two Buzzfeed staffers placing rubber bands around a watermelon until it exploded: We Blew Up A Watermelon And Everyone Lost Their Freaking Minds.

The New York Times commented on the watermelon video, drawing this conclusion:

Big changes are coming fast in the way major news institutions present their journalism, what that journalism includes, and how decisions are made about what to include. The goal: to draw big, addicted audiences.

Recently it seems that the goal of customer experience work has shifted to just that: drawing “big, addicted audiences.” And there’s a precedent for how to do it. Just watch Natasha Dow Schull’s Gel video, describing how slot machines use UX to addict their users. And while it works in the short term, I can’t see much long-term value in building new types of slot machines. Why not instead find out what would benefit users, and create that?

There’s an alternative to the addiction model, and I’d describe it as creating a good, authentic experience for users that takes into account their long-term best interests. But that requires aligning leadership around long-term benefits, rather than short-term hits; and making decisions while including customers in the process, rather than relegating them to tactical usability validation. (Read my book Customers Included for much more on this topic.)

Is this an old-fashioned way of seeing the world? Out of step in an attention-driven economy? Maybe. But long-term value – created by a genuinely good experience – will always, eventually, win. (Meantime, we can look forward to seeing more watermelon videos along the way.)

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