How to fly under the radar (hint: slowly)

March 09, 2012 By Mark Hurst 0 Comments

Sometimes the best way to fly under the radar is to walk. Here at Creative Good we just celebrated our 15th birthday. We’d like to believe some of our longevity is due to sticking with one idea – improving the customer experience – for a long, long time, even at times when the idea is not in fashion.

This came to mind when we read Ben Brown’s post about SXSW, the increasingly massive conference that is now attracting literal busloads of would-be startup entrepreneurs:

…the point of these buses is to see how much of your attention they can suck up with tweets about hastily conceived apps that will ultimately go nowhere, burn through a bunch of investor money while adding to the ridiculous spectacle of tech startup culture.

We’ve seen moments like this before – the summer of 1999 comes to mind – and we’ve seen what comes next. If you want your team to survive the next year, five, ten years, find an idea and walk with it.