I’m delighted to announce the brand new 2nd Edition of Customers Included, which I’ve been working on for months. I’m also starting a 2nd Edition Book Tour – you can invite me to speak to your team or event, presenting on all the fully updated material and case studies in the 2nd Edition.

All attendees of my Gel 2015 conference (starting in one week – still time to sign up for Gel!) will get a copy of the book at Gel. But you can order multiple copies for the team: bulk discounts here.

Customers Included coverWhat’s New in the 2nd Edition

Fully updated for 2015, this new 2nd Edition of Customers Included includes lots of additional material:

• New case study about the Toyota Sienna (big launch that succeeded with careful customer observation, instead of a quick MVP) to round out my discussion of The Lean Startup

• New case study about the OXO measuring cup, including quotes from my interview with Alex Lee, president of OXO (showing the difference between asking customers what they want, and finding out)

• New case study about managing change, inspired by a story from the U.S. Navy in 1904 (based on Elting Morison’s classic case study “Gunfire at Sea”)

• Updated the Google Wave case study to include a discussion of Google Glass

• Updated the border fence case study to discuss the problematic launch of healthcare.gov

• New interview of Alan Cooper, inventor of personas, to round out an updated discussion of personas

• Updated several case studies with recent news (i.e., Ford dropping Microsoft from its MyFord Touch system … and Netflix recovering, finally, from its 2011 mistake)

• New images in several chapters bring the case studies to life.

Order Customers Included, 2nd Edition:

How to get the book:

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Bulk discounts for multi-copy orders

You can also invite me to speak at your team or event on my new 2nd Edition Book Tour.

Meantime, hope to see you at the Gel conference next week!