It’s really not complicated. As I finished up a talk on Customers Included recently to a room of senior leaders here in New York City, I tried to summarize customer experience into three sentences:

1. Spend time with customers. (Don’t claim there’s no time… customers will be included eventually on launch day, so why not earlier?)

2. Find out what they want. (Don’t ask them what they want, find out. There’s a difference – see Chapter 6.)

3. Give it to them. (Don’t forget: give customers a good experience, and you’ll get more customers.)

It’s so simple – so head-slappingly, face-palmingly simple – you have to wonder why some companies seem determined to mistreat customers.

david-segal-gel2015 Some of my favorite stories about how companies treat customers come from the New York Times’ “Haggler” column, written by David Segal. I was happy that he told some of these stories at my Gel 2015 conference.

Video of David Segal, New York Times ‘The Haggler’ columnist, at Gel 2015.

If you have customers, it’s well worth watching.

(And p.s. if you’d like me to tell more stories about customer experience in innovation and product management, see my speaker packet or just invite me to speak.)