About Us

Founded in 1997, Creative Good is a New York City-based consulting and services company focused on the customer experience. Founder and CEO Mark Hurst and his team offer several services:

Consulting: Our 400+ consulting projects have helped companies include their customers and be much more successful as a result. Read more about our pioneering consulting practice here.

Writing: Read our new book, Customers Included, which describes our worldview and consulting process in more detail. And sign up for our Creative Good newsletter.

Productivity: Good Todo, a mobile productivity platform, helps leaders and entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness (and happiness).

Conferences: Our Gel conference spotlights leaders and innovators for the next decade. Gel has featured leaders like Marissa Mayer, Sal Kahn, Jimmy Wales and many others first before the world recognized their leadership. Want to come meet the innovators of 2014 and beyond?

Speeches: Mark Hurst can give a presentation about customer experience, or “Customers Included,” to your team or conference. (See Mark’s recent talks in his full bio.)

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Mark Hurst, Founder and CEO
Author, Customers Included, 2nd Edition
Mark Hurst, who founded Creative Good in 1997, has spent his career writing and speaking about how organizations and individuals can create better customer experiences. Read Mark Hurst’s bio.

Invite Mark to speak to your team, company, or event. As of spring 2015, Mark is on a 2nd Edition Book Tour, speaking widely about his book Customers Included, 2nd Edition – fully updated for 2015.